Thursday, January 3, 2008

happy new year!!!

i tried something new...not sure what it should be called, but i am going to call it fabric art!  i sewed fabrics on top of one another to create the scene above.  it was a christmas gift for my wonderful sister-in-law and brother (okay, more for her!).  i was going for a whimsical, fun piece...hope it comes across that way!

i had a great christmas with my family in florida...i hope you all did too!  happy new year, i hope that it brings happiness, love, and creativity to all of my dear readers!


Teale said...

very pretty!

rspruce said...

Laura- I really love that fabric art. It's super-cute!!

Jen said...

The fabric Art is GREAT !
Way to go!

erika said...

i love it!
what kind of sewing machine do you have? (i sent teale the same email)- yall were too cute making slippers and watching 90210!
have you ever made any of Amy Butler's bags?