Thursday, May 15, 2008

scott's antique market

i finally made the trip to scott's antique market last weekend.  it is open the second weekend of every month here in atlanta and totally worth the trip.  lots and lots of furniture and home accessories.  i scored these pretty vintage handkerchiefs for $1 each!  what a deal.  haven't decided what i am going to do with them; maybe frame a whole bunch to create a collage?  that's all i bought this trip, but the next time i am in need of furniture i will definitely go back.


*plum*tree*studio* said...

oh i am soooo jealous!!! hey we should take a trip up to lakewood 400!!! that's where we got all our good stuff!!

Shelly said...

how wonderful. i keep hearing about scott's - people down here even talk about it. so remind me that the next time i come up to see you, we need to schedule it so that we can go there!