Sunday, July 27, 2008

a little face lift...


this chair has good granny gave it to me-she and my grandfather bought the dining room set circa 1950 in montgomery, al. this is the lone remaining chair and she was going to get rid of it too when i rescued it!  all it needed was an updated upholstery for the seat.  now it lives happily in my living room.


Shelly said...

love the fabric - nice job - looks good with the window treatments too!

Aka: "Bubby", "Snuzzles" said...

Are you in the market to offer additional upholstery service?
I have a mission style chair, rocker AND vanity stool that dates back to my great-grandparents home; all solid oak wood. They are in GREAT need of an upholstery update. Let me know if you're interested.


Rachel said...

i love this chair!!! i'm sort of a chair freak... my husband laughs {groans} every time i bring home a new one. i should line them all up to take a picture. i just bought 2 at a yard sale that i can't WAIT to upholster with fun fabric for my studio.