Monday, October 13, 2008

black & yellow

i have been thinking about ways to embellish my bags...i have made felt flower pins before and want to get back to doing the extra touches that really set off my purses and bags.  

the lining of this bag is yellow, black, & white (same fabric as the center of the flower).  i like the dimension of this's not perfect, but that is how it was intended!  my mom taught me how to make a french knot, so i put it into practice here.  there are 7 in the center of the flower. it comes in so handy to have a crafty & talented mother. thanks for all of your help, mom!

oh-this is a small preview of what is to come at the craft show later this month!


easy edges studio said...

LOVE it!!!!

Christina said...

I love that black and white bag! And the yellow just makes it :)

suzanne cabrera said...

I LOVE THIS. love it.