Friday, January 7, 2011

sofa reupholstery

i spotted this camel back sofa on the side of the road near my house a few months back.  we loaded it up and took it has been sitting in the garage for months now.  the upholstery fabric is literally in shreds, but she has good bones.  i want to reupholster it myself.  the only upholstery work i have done is a few small projects including the ottoman i showed you guys a few months back.  this is going to be a BIG project.  i started taking the back panel of fabric off this week.  they used a TON Of staples in this baby (that is probably normal?). i haven't decided on fabric to use yet-definitely something fun. 

this will be an ongoing project that i update you with as i go along.  so stick with me!   it will definitely be a learning process for me and maybe you guys can help me out as i go along! it may take me all of 2011 but i am determined to do this!

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Christina said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the fabric you choose! I was fabric shopping the other day, and was wishing you were with I felt quite overwhelmed ;)